I work with a team of people to offer online recording services (or ‘offline’, either at my studio in London or a location of your choice). In the bass department I have a number of instruments to choose from, each with their own tones and qualities (scroll down for full list). I normally record electric bass by miking up my Mesa Boogie “Walkabout Scout 112” combo and recording this in combination with a DI (either from the amp, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI, or a Glockenklang Bass Art Classic preamp). I have a selection of mics which all achieve different sounds, suited to various styles, and often record through more than one at a time so that a choice is then available.

A number of demo videos will be appearing here shortly, featuring a variety of different basses (including some acoustic upright bass). Here are a couple to be going on with – on these, there was no amp + mic; the bass was recorded through the SansAmp on its own.

Demo 1 – Sadowsky MV5 bass

Demo 2 – Sadowsky MV5 bass


Sadowsky MV5 (5 string, active, maple neck)
Sandberg California TT4 (4 string, passive, rosewood neck)
1973 Fender Precision
Roscoe SKB6 6 string
Custom-made hollow-body 5 string by Mo Clifton
3/4 size flat-back upright bass (German, c. 1880)
David Gage “Czech Ease” travel upright bass